March 2017 - Vogue

Much of the beginning of 2017 has been devoted to the Earthy Encounters edit (I'm sallow skinned after so many hours spent in dark rooms). In the next few weeks we begin VFX and score. It's all getting very exciting. 

I also recently shot a documentary short for Vogue, following their editor-at-large Hamish Bowles as he curated an exhibition on “Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth House”. 

December 2016 – Earthy Encounters

This December I shot my new short Earthy Encounters. It was an action packed seven day shoot, with a crew of 60 + descending on the Cotswolds for Go-Kart chase sequences, animated plants (designed and operated by the puppeteers of The Muppets and Star Wars) and tropical hothouses.

Starring Fionn O'shea (Handsome Devil) and Jess Barden (The Lobster, Far from the Madding Crowd), it’s the first short ever to be shot on the Arri Alexa 65. The exact camera and lenses were most recently used on Star Wars: Rogue One.

Yes, I did take a selfie with it.  

October 2016 - new adventures

October has a wonderful habit of being a lucky month for me. Last year it was success at Mark Kermode's IOMFF, this year, it's the beginning of some new adventures. 

This October I've sign with the brilliant Jack Thomas and Patrick Child at Independent. 

I've also heard that the BFI and Creative England have agreed to fund my next short Earthy Encounters through their 'Emerging talent' scheme. Go Kart chase sequences await!

August 2016 - Collaborating with friends and Comedy Central!

In the last few months I've been working with my brilliant friends at GoPeople, helping them with the publicity of their acclaimed production of A Midsummers Night's Dream. 

Billy has also been continuing it's festival journey in earnest, playing at Cinemagic, Kiwi International Film fest and winning an audience award at Cinephilia. 

It's also now playing on Comedy Central! 

April 2016 - CE panel talk and Saatchi & Saatchi GSK shoot

I had an unexpected return to the scene of the crime in March, as producer David Wade and myself participated in a Creative England isorts panel in Sheffield – the same one I attended when developing Billy the Kid two years ago. It was a real pleasure to see some old faces and meet some new ones, chatting about how (and how not!) to make a short film. 

In March I also shot a film for GSK through Saatchi & Saatchi. A day shooting with 15 kids was a heady mix of hilarity and profound exhaustion. 

February 2016 - Billy the Kid wins Boston Independent Film Festival

Billy the Kid has started 2016 with a bang, winning BEST OF FEST at the Boston Independent Film Festival. We’re also an official selection at Coronado Island San Diego, Kinofilm Manchester, LOCO London Comedy, Brazil Independent, Sanford International and the 57th Worldfest Houston – the US’ third oldest film festival. 

December 2015 - Billy the Kid wins at BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica

This month Billy the Kid played at the BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica Film Festival. We were delighted to take home the Youth Award, an Audience Award chosen for the people, by the people (the people, in this case, being a large hoard of hard-to-please school children - part of the Joseph's Roundtree Foundation, an initiative aiming to introduce independent cinema to young'uns). This was one of the festival’s top awards. Below you can see editor Theo and I doing are best to remain dignified. 

September 2015 - Billy the Kid wins at IOMFF!

This October, Billy the Kid won not 1, not 2, but 3 awards at the wonderful Isle of Man Film Festival - Best of Fest, Best Comedy and the Audience Award!

To top things off, Mark Kermode - one of the UK's very top film critics (and a personal hero of mine) - is head juror at the festival. He said Billy "more than passed his six laughs test". I can retire now.

August 2015 - Peter Werth cinema commercial

This month I shot a cinema commercial for Peter Werth. It’s their 40th anniversary and they wanted to mark it with something a bit special. The completed film will be screening in the cinema before Tom Hardy’s new film ‘Legend’, about the Kray twins, which is released September 2015

June 2015 - Palm Springs Shortfest

Billy the Kid had it’s cast and crew screening at the BFI in May. Soon after, it was an official selection at the Oscar and BAFTA Qualifying 'Palm Springs Shortfest'. Being our World Premiere and all, half the crew decided to crusade over to America. Such is our commitment to the growth of British cinema. 

Palm Springs is an amazing place, and an amazing festival – one of the top ten in America. We saw some really high calibre films, and met some incredibly talented filmmakers (invariably these two things are linked!). The festival also threw parties nightly, which was a brilliant (and exhausting) touch.

To cap things off, Billy was one of the Audience ‘BEST OF FEST’ picks. With 300+ amazing films in the festival, this was a huge honour.

February 2015 - Adidas New York

In late January I went out to New York to make a film for the release of Adidas’ new ultra boost shoe. It was a brilliant and productive little trip, which I got to share with my filmmaking partner in crime Hamish Anderson - Mr cinematographer extraordinaire. The film was a continuation in the #boost campaign, but also an early showcase for the new ultra boost shoe - "the greatest shoe ever made".

Billy the Kid - finally - is finished. In the end we had a much more protracted online than unexpected, with one problem after another. Many lessons were learned! But it's a real relief/exciting to finally have it ready to show to everyone who helped make it happen. 

 Now to the premiere! 

December 2014 - Adidas again

We continue in earnest with the Billy the Kid edit. We picture locked at the beginning of November, so now into the online. The music is really starting to come together - I’ve even managed to worm my dulcet tones onto the soundtrack.

This December I did another Adidas shoot in South East London for the #boost campaign. This one’s wracked up 50,000 views in its first couple of days (not that I’m counting).

Also, In November I did a little shoot for British magazine ‘New British’, a little documentary on A guy called Gerald

September 2014

I'm just completing the pick-ups on Billy the Kid (mainly a series of elaborate aerial shots!), after an amazing principle shoot in August. 

We turned the Cotswolds into a prairie/western frontier (proof below), and had 40 odd cast and crew living at my parents for one heady summer week (That’s one very big I.O.U. to my mum and dad). Like the very best shoots, at times it felt as much like a holiday as a film production - and I can't thank everyone enough for their time and expertise. It was an amazing collaboration. 

More to come on Billy soon. 

July 2014 - Bafta Q&A

I had a Q&A this week at BAFTA with The London short film festival's Philip Ilson (who incidentally picked JR for BFI London Film Festival - my hero). It was an ace experience, and a real pleasure to talk about JR's production and themes. 

I'm also now just a few weeks away from the shoot for Billy the Kid. We've just cast our Billy - the prodigiously talented John Bell, star of The Hobbit. John's a hell of an actor (his credits are more extensive than plenty of actors 4 times his age), so I'm really looking forward to working with him. 

Still crowdfunding too!

June 2014 - Adidas

This May and June I shot a couple of ads for Adidas, for their 'boost' campaign. Very enjoyable filming experiences, particularly as we got to use our bike dolly on Millennium bridge!

Prep is now well underway for 'Billy the Kid', my BFI/Creative England short that we're shooting this July. Casting is in full swing, and we've found our Billy - the hugely talented John Bell, who's currently starring in 'The Hobbit' trilogy. 

We're crowdfunding too:

March 2014 - Best noms and set builds.

This March I shot another short film, currently entitled Inside Out, with the brilliant Jack Guinness and Douglas Rankine. We built a set at Box Studio - a non-functioning (mercifully) bathroom, that I'm really proud of. In the edit now, and it's really coming together. 

Jasmine’s Revolution has been nominated for BEST SHORT FILM at Norwich film Festival, which is really exciting. It certainly calls for another road trip up North. That might need to then head West, as JR has also been officially selected at Fastnet! 

There was some Fine Art production too, for the company I’m starting with the multi-talented Laura Gill. More on that soon. 

NBSH - BoW.jpg
Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 08.36.06.png

February 2014 - Its about here that the year usually starts.

In January, Jasmine’s Revolution was part of the London short film festival (the screening at the Curzon in Soho was ace - it’s a really great festival). JR also received an award of merit from The Accolade Film Festival in California.

Now in Feb, I’ve just managed to secure funding from Creative England ishorts scheme for one of my short films. ‘Billy the Kid’ is a 15-minute comedy drama that we’re shooting this summer. It’s going to be very exciting to develop the project with them.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 21.14.23.png